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From readers...

“Exceptional first novel! This story is thrilling, thought-provoking, is written with style and imagination. I had the pleasure of reading the manuscript as it went to press. Don’t miss this one. It’s an excellent read!”

Robert A. Stein, Screenwriter of the hit movie Unstoppable

"RED 7 ...mixing elements of Cussler and Crichton, William Beck carves out his own niche with an intricately plotted story full of mystery and adventure. Dive into these fictional waters, and you will find undercurrents of intrique to keep your heart racing."

Eric Wilson, author of Dark to Mortal Eyes and Expiration Date, Aramis Black Mystery Series: The Best of Evil, and Shred of Truth, New York Times Best Selling author

"Fast paced and engrossing...Solid dialogue, fascinating characters and a wonderfully rich setting make Caribbean Agenda a must-read for anyone in need of a thrilling escape."

Paige Crutcher, Spotlighted Book of the Week, The

“Ancient hidden treasure, dangerous and exotic locales, a tough as nails hero by the name Bryson McGann, and despicable villains with terrorist connections…What’s not to love about William Beck’s new adventure thriller, Crosscurrents? Told with all the skill of a university historian but with the plot-pounding mastery of Clive Cussler, this action-packed novel will make your heart race.”

Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author

"Not since The Da Vinci Code has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths."

Tom Carter, seven-time New York Times and two-time USA Today best-selling author

I am waiting for William Beck's books to take their place on every library shelf and bookstore next to the likes of Clive Cussler and others in that genre of books. This is Beck's best yet; the first featuring Jess Colton, and it is tightly woven and crafted, offering excellent action and suspense. While I am not familiar with the history Beck refers to, it makes for a plausible read with plenty of twists and turns, villains and heroes. I cannot wait for the next Jess Colton adventure to hit the shelves. This author needs to be seriously considered as one of the best in this genre!!! 

Connie Ruggles Randolph, Maine