The Judas Coin by William Beck

Just after the death of Jesus in the year 33 CE, a young warrior and member of the Sicarii is chosen as the first guardian. Avda is tasked by the elders to retrieve the silver paid to Judas Iscariot and provide for its safe keeping in order to forestall an Aramaic curse written hundreds of years before. Avda’s pursuers relentlessly track him into the mountains of the Judean desert. Near death, his final fateful decision will determine mankind’s destiny.

Jess Colton is an archaeologist struggling with life issues. Her claims of a fourth great pyramid at Giza have created an upheaval in the archeological realm. Her work, disputed by many within the establishment, has brought about a loss of Colton’s professorship and engagement to her fiancé. It also creates a buzz of unwanted media attention. Nevertheless, her theory is not without merit and is embraced by staunch supporters rallying to the archaeologist’s cause.

The young woman will be interviewing for a consultant position with the National Earth Seas Science Agency (NESSA), headquartered in Seattle. Colton is at home preparing a lecture when she receives a call from a mysterious stranger. Lev Ryter’s cryptic message fills her with a profound sense of misgivings about the package due to arrive the day after tomorrow. But even more frightening are the old man’s words — she has been chosen as the guardian.

When the package arrives the archaeologist discovers an ancient silver coin and a fragile document. Transcribed in Latin script on the worn vellum is a never-before-seen Aramaic prophesy, written long before the time of Christ. Jess pores over the text and is unnerved by this bizarre manuscript. What she discovers revolves around Judas’ betrayal of Jesus Christ and the thirty pieces of silver he received in payment. 

Jess Colton’s role as the guardian leaves her filled with reservations. Her reluctant acceptance of the title sets the stage for an exploit that will catapult her from the desert sands of Egypt, through the Middle East, and on to a final showdown in an ancient fortress on the island of Malta. The perilous trek will pit her against the dark forces of the Sons of the Fallen, and its leader, Altan Teke. At stake is Jess Colton's future and ultimately mankind’s destiny.

Trade Paperback
4.25" x 7" x 1"
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Price: $10.95

"Not since The Da Vinci Code has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths."

Tom Carter, seven-time New York Times and two-time USA Today best-selling author

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The Judas Coin by William Beck

Available in a collectable Library Binding edition with full dust jacket and industry standard book boards.

Format: Library Binding
ISBN: 978-1-57843-175-5
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Page Count: 252
Price: $27.95

From THE JUDAS COIN readers...

"Not since The Da Vinci Code has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths."

Tom Carter, seven-time New York Times and two-time USA Today best-selling author

I am waiting for William Beck's books to take their place on every library shelf and bookstore next to the likes of Clive Cussler and others in that genre of books. This is Beck's best yet; the first featuring Jess Colton, and it is tightly woven and crafted, offering excellent action and suspense. While I am not familiar with the history Beck refers to, it makes for a plausible read with plenty of twists and turns, villains and heroes. I cannot wait for the next Jess Colton adventure to hit the shelves. This author needs to be seriously considered as one of the best in this genre!!! 

Connie Ruggles Randolph, Maine

“Filled with tension and conflict in Biblical proportions, William Beck’s THE JUDAS COIN unveils a dark secret about a truth long hidden. With powerful writing, gripping and suspenseful, Beck’s THE JUDAS COIN is a must-read.” 

Susan Wingate, Amazon bestselling author


"William Beck, just finished The Judas Coin. EXCELLENT! Couldn't put it down once I started. Great characters and writing. A definite must read. Can't wait for your next book." James Brandow in Wilson, Wyoming.

Jess Colton will return in the exciting follow up novel, The Edessa Image. Please take a moment and explore the other books by William Beck. 

James Brandow - a William Beck fan

"I just finished reading your book, The Judas Coin. I really liked it. You are an excellent writer. I will talk with my book club about having you come and speak." Evelyn Redwine - Nashville, Tennessee.

Evelyn Redwine

"Can't put it down!!! One of the best books I have ever read!"  

Denise Mangrum - Wrigley, Tennessee


Just finished reading The Judas Coin by William Beck.  A captivating read! Thoroughly enjoyed and certainly recommend.


Cindy Waggoner - Nashville, Tennessee

"Ok, so, I'm reading along and suddenly find myself out of breath from Jess's climb of the stone stairs. I'm just reading, not actually climbing with Jess. Come on! How did you do that William Beck? Found that I was reading very, very fast along with Jess's action. Unreal! I had to take a break...but came back and finished! And, an ending I had never imagined. What a great read." 

Connie Jennings - Melbourne Beach, FL

"Excellent book. I truly enjoed it tremendously. Kudos!"

Michael Risen - President and CEO of Premier Sports Hospitality (International) Inc. (Ret.), Member of Canadian Million Dollar Round Table

I stayed up until midnight earlier this week to finish this book. Exciting to the last page. The Judas Coin is now in the possession of another guest at the Maxwell Inn in Estes Park.

John Gerad Organ, Jr., Nashville, TN

 I just finished "The Judas Coin". What a great read! I can't wait to see the movie. Better than Bourne!!!

Roger Shumate - Hillsborough, North Carolina

“I thoroughly enjoyed The Judas Coin.” 

Donna Hartman, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee