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I have a free gift in tribute to those who have served, and those who have fallen, in defense of our country. You are invited to read my new prequel short story, SOLEMN VOW, about Bryson McGann, protagonist in the action/adventure book series.

Bryson McGann is sent on a covert mission to rescue a missing U.S. army colonel in Iraq, near the Syrian border. What he uncovers is the first clue exposing a network of powerbrokers responsible for global chaos and the orchestration of 9/11.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I’ll be posting a new chapter of the story.  After the last chapter (10 in all), I’ll be taking the story off the website and making it available as a Kindle book. Click here to read Solemn Vow.

William Beck combines events from life, his military days, and the medical field, to create an intriguing series of edge-of-your-seat thrillers involving Bryson McGann and the National Earth Seas Science Agency. Masterfully scripted, these invitingly provocative tales will keep you turning pages long into the night.

"William Beck is this decade's answer to Tom Clancy."
   ~ Tom Carter, Seven-time New York Times and
     two-time USA Today best-selling author 

"Admittance of existence, and at the same time, denial and obfuscation yield the best results for concealing the truth. Will we ever know the exact intent of the rumored conspiracies? The answer is, as with most things of this nature, probably not. Still, the quest for verity lingers. So, with that in mind, sit back and turn the pages of H.A.A.R.P.’S FURY, RED 7, CARIBBEAN AGENDA and CROSSCURRENTS and then let Bryson McGann put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. For it is only in the realm of storytelling, where fact and fiction coincide, that there can be answers to the puzzling and collusive events that wait to shatter the world around us."

~ William Beck

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Lately, there has been much speculation about U.S. Navy testing of underwater acoustic devices for military purposes. Petitions have been circulating around the internet to bring a halt to this kind of testing because...

In a remote locale in the Alaskan wilderness, the small town of Gakona sits nestled in the Copper River Valley, near the slopes of the rugged Wrangell Mountains. This small town's notoriety lies in its association with a military project, termed, ...

How can I let this slip by? The answer is, I can't. Roswell is a name that easily rolls off the tongue; its familiarity well known across this country and the world. In 1947, The U.S. military claimed to have captured a UFO. Supposedly, there were alien bodies recovered in the wreckage...

Two thirds of the planet is comprised of water. Vast oceans surround the continents, but sadly too little is known about this mysterious underwater realm. More is known about our moon than the seas that give us life on land. From the largest mammals swimming the oceans to the most minute...

The issue of Global Warnming is a hot ticket item. What began with a concern for the welfare of the planet we all live on, turned into a heated political debate of lies and finger pointing. Accusations, half truths, cover ups, and a list of attributes have swirled around the controversy...

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