NESSA: National Earth Seas Science Agency
National Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Pacific Headquarters: Big Island, Hawaii
Southern Headquarters: Tampa, Florida
Atlantic Headquarters: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Space Division: San Francisco, California

The National Earth Seas Science Agency (NESSA) was founded in 1997. Its current Director is former U.S. Army General, Randall Sumner. Under his guidance, and along with a highly-skilled team of employees, NESSA earned its reputation as a much sought after and respected advisor, and leading expert in global environmental concerns.

NESSA’s mission includes scientific research and development on various environmental aspects of importance throughout the United States, the planet, and space.

NESSA’s Seattle, Washington headquarters is the hub of the agency’s operations. Its responsibilities there involve monitoring and maintaining land and marine based environments and habitats, and a host of administrative tasks.

The agency’s Coastal Survey section is responsible for nautical charting and marine and aviation operations.

The Climate Monitoring section keeps a constant vigil on weather changes affecting business and civilian concerns around the globe.

NESSA’s Tampa, Florida headquarters is home for its southern fleet. Its responsibilities include preserving viable marine resources and fisheries in U.S. territorial waters, as well as the world’s oceans. NESSA’ s Space Monitoring section oversees a network of satellites that continuously observe weather, track hurricanes, and monitor ocean temperatures as a part of its ongoing mission.

NESSA’s research division is on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is home to the western Pacific fleet. The Fisheries section monitors sea life and commercial fishing industry’s impact on global aquatic environments.

NESSA's Portsmouth, New Hampshire headquarters is home to its northern fleet. They are responsible for conducting research studies and the surveying the impact of environmental issues in the waters of the Northern hemisphere.

NESSA's San Francisco, California Space Division branch is responsible for overseeing research and development of space technology, space mining technology, and travel. Its test facility is located at Beale Air Force Base, in northern California.

A dedicated group of individuals and volunteers work diligently to insure the NESSA organization remains a leading influence in the world’s environmental causes and concerns. Their efforts are meant to keep NESSA on the leading edge as it moves through the 21st century.

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