Unsolved Mystery - The Piri Reis Map

As if taken from the celluloid of an Indiana Jones movie, a group historians in 1929 discovered an ancient map drawn on gazelle skin. Research confirmed the authenticity of the map drawn by Turkish admiral, Piri Reis hundreds of years earlier in 1513. Reis' penchant for cartography and station in the Turkish navy allowed him access to the archives of the Imperial Library of Constantinople. His discovery opened a door to the unknown and left behind even greater riddle. 
The map Reis drew depicted the eastern coast of South America and the Western coast of Africa, but adding to this enigma is the existence of Antarctica three hundred years before its discovery by explorers. Stranger still is his map depicts the costal outline of the continent in accurate detail. So you might be asking what is relevant about this.The answer lies in the fact that according to science the continent has been covered in ice for a million years. If we accept science's theory, then how can it be possible for anyone to have mapped the northern coast accurately when at that time Homo Erectus was using stone tools and moving from Africa into Europe. 
Much about the ancient history of our planet has yet to be discovered. Will we ever have answers to elusive questions such as who drew those original documents Reis discovered? And how could anyone know about the coastline beneath the ice shelf. This is only one of the many puzzling mysteries from the past waiting to be solved.

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