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So everyone knows the ditty about Christopher Columbus' discovery of the New World.                                    "In 1400 and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." And he was the first person to discover America, or was he?
If you truly believe that myth, then I suggest you read on. Perhaps it will become clear to you exactly how adulterated our concept of history really is. For those of you recognizing the fact the "Vikings" or Norsemen settled at L'Anse aux Meadows on the northern most tip of Newfoundland, somewhere around 1000 AD, your GPA just went up.  But just because you know that does not mean you go to the head of the class. America was visited long before the arrival of the Norsemen as described in the prologue of my Bryson McGann novel, RED 7.
Throughout the United States there are numerous archeological sites with evidence of visitors from foreign lands dating back to the time of Julius Caesar and beyond. Impossible? Not really. How else can you explain the purest form of copper found only along the shores of Lake Superior showing up at ancient dig site in the Mediterranean? You cannot and it had to get there somehow. But more than this is the evidence of the ancient traveler's existence through the buidling of monuments, glyphs, and runes, etc. 
Professor Barry Fell's epic expose on our history, America B.C. provides clear evidence as to just who might have visited our shores long before what is thought of as correct. So by now you might be wondering why if this is all true we are not given the facts. That exact question plagues many studying the course of ancient history. But be very careful what you ask for, because it may have a far more sinister answer than imagined.
Particular individuals throughout the world with exacting reasons demand a shroud of secrecy around their hidden agendas. History's past is meant to kept hidden from the public, at least according to author Jim Marrs. But that is the topic for another blog on another day. Keep checking back in the days ahead to find out more about this puzzling enigma.
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