The Media: Victim of modern times or intentional cover up

“Our job is only to hold up the mirror - to tell and show the public what has happened.”– Walter Cronkite, Journalist
Long before the obnoxious use of sound bites to influence people's thoughts on individuals and pertinent topics, nightly journalism was a staple of the American household. TV brought to life facts and exposed the glaring reality of war, turmoil, politics, and life without pedaling the network's own slanted views, or certainly not to the degree we have today.
For nineteen years, Walter Cronkite, came into American homes delivering the facts and people were given the opportunity to think, discuss, and decide for themselves regarding current events. He certainly was not the only one doing this in the field of journalism at that time, but he has remained more of a household name than many counterparts of his day.
As I have often said, the world changed after the 1970's. Sensationalism took hold and what had been perceived as diligent reporting gave rise to corporate media's new wave of what cannot even be considered journalism, but rather, tabloid news.The idea of beauty sells sprang to life. "Glamor gals" began spewing snippets of news, pandering to either the left or right in the constant struggle for market ratings and being tops in their field. Is that to say all news items presented today are just "fluff." No, certainly not, but far too much is leaving a vast void in the quest for truthful journalism and disclosure.
Consider the idea there are agendas backed by media moguls who wish to influence the American public in less than a positive way. Preposterous? Read the the article on the link above  and ask yourself this question. Why are these types of events not being reported. What is the purpose of obscuring the truth? You decide!
Given the context of the quote at the opening of this blog, many in this country do not bother to take the time to investigate, analyze, or question the information doled out by network news -  a certain  path leading to the continued decline of this nation. Thomas Jefferson's quote takes on a startling reality in light of the situation. "Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."
Let us all hope a new course lies ahead.

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