Destroying the Ocean - Are we well on our way?

I'm sure most people rarely stop to think about this, in fact, if I had to guess, I would say most know nothing about the dire situation facing the planet. Our oceans are a vital aspect of maintaining life for all land based creatures on the planet. Yet most people turn a blind eye to the upsetting imbalance of this fragile system.
For years, factory ships have decimated fish populations, going from one species to the next. In their wake exists a great injustice. Instead of finding innovative ways of fish farming on grand scale as in my novel, Caribbean Agenda; many traditional methods cause more problems due to disease of fish stock and the introduction of foreign and toxic substances which end up on the plates of families at dinner time . Sharks, the planet's ocean going predator, continues to lose ground each year as millions are killed for fins, meat, and pleasure. Corals are dying off at unprecedented rates throughout all the world's oceans as a result of pollution, ocean temperature changes, disease and a variety of other factors. These ecosystems are vital for the existence of aquatic life.
Plankton, a vital food source for whales continues to die at alarming rates.It is easy to dismiss such miniscule organisms as nonessential, but they are a vitally important aspect of the ocean food chain. Equally, if not more important, is their role in photosynthesis and the fact these creatures account for much of the Earth's oxygen production.
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an area estimated at 270,000 to 5,800,000 square miles has become a dead zone.  This area poses a great risk to aquatic creatures such as sea turtles and birds. Pieces of plastic large and small are filling the stomachs of birds, turtles and fish bringing their lives to an end.
Mankind's is well on the way to destroying the planet. Fortunately, there are those seeking solutions to this battle. If the seas are left to wither then we as a species will cease to exist at some future point. Chris Jordan's brief video brings the tragic tale to life in a most revealing way.
My years of scuba diving have led to many adventures exploring aquatic habitat and photographing sea life. But nothing has left a more disturbing impression upon me than being witness to vast areas of dead and dying coral. Bleached skeletons left behind as a testament to the beauty existing previously. Yes, our oceans are fragile and in need of repair, but hope remains. Do your part. give up the plastic water bottles and use a steel container free of PCBs and other noxious chemicals. Don't pollute the waterways with your refuse. Be responsible when fishing.
Part of the reason I write Bryson McGann novels is to bring readers informative topics through the use of NESSA and their projects. Let's all do our part and make a difference. Don't leave it for someone else. It may just be too late by then.

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