Captain Gaspar Corte-Real embarks upon a secretive mission sanctioned by the Portuguese crown in 1521 CE.  Spurred on by the lure of riches from the spice and silk trade, the captain’s mission is to locate the fabled Northwest Passage. One morning, Corte-Real awakens to a surreal world. Two of his ships have been lost in the night. A perfect storm bears down on his hapless crew, and suddenly Gaspar Corte-Real is lost from the pages of history. 

Russian commander, Andrey Roztovksi, is spending his last hours in Moscow before departing for the submarine base in Murmansk. He spends the night in the arms of a beautiful woman and is surprised by a knock upon his door in the early morning. What he sees defies imagination. Roztovski is breathless as his life flashes before his eyes.

A clandestine group of wealthy businessmen conspire at the estate of Scotty Rorek, CEO of Black Rain, a private security firm, in the mountains of western Maryland. Joining the men is a fellow associate and high-ranking member of the CIA. At stake are the vast oil and mineral rights within the Arctic Circle. Individual nations are already lining up to claim their portion of the wealth as tensions brew. The scheming consortium’s brinksmanship will bring the world to its knees as they pit countries against one another and set the stage for WWIII. 

Bryson McGann and NESSA’s director, Randall Sumner, are involved in Senate hearings when McGann raises the ire of Florida Senator Marty Blackburn. Soon after, McGann witnesses the murder of friend and U.S. Marshal, Warren Lake. The marshal’s hope of passing along clues of Rorek’s plans in a clandestine meeting die along with him. Sumner spirits McGann out of D.C. to a NESSA research ship off Greenland’s coast in order to evade repercussions from federal agencies and the senator’s powerful reach. 

In the midst of a perfect storm, the NESSA team sails into a deep water fjord and makes an unwanted discovery while a ferocious encounter with Black Rain and the U.S. Navy ensues. McGann is thrust into a perilous battle in an effort to save the surviving passengers of a capsized cruise ship. The world holds its breath on the eve of destruction while Bryson McGann stages a desperate attempt to stop Roztovski from igniting the powder keg that will bring about total annihilation.

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